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Afro- Caribbean Housing Association (ACHA) is a non- profit organization registered under the industrial and provident society Act 1965.  In 1993, ACHA was established, with intention to provide family homes and more choices for Refugees and migrants to UK.The Association continued to develop its services to resident and improve their quality of life.  Those determinations lead us to achieve tenant’s satisfaction and meet the National standard.

Association’s aims are to carry on for the benefit of the community, the business of providing Houses, Services, Advice and assistance.  We have focused on providing both Housing and a range of Housing – related services.

The work of voluntary and community organisation such as ours is central to the government’s mission to make and a just tolerant society.


Afro- Caribbean Housing Association focuses on three objectives;

  • High quality services
  • Quality homes and
  • Building for the future


We achieved to:

  • Provide advice to the Home office on Policy strategy issues as a major player in the Refugee Integration Forum.
  • As a major provider for NASS (National Asylum support services), we play an important role in meeting Housing needs in London.
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